Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking a tour of the exhibit part 2


Well, this is the second part of the tour... as you can see it is quite an eclectic exhibit, full of color and imagination.

Taking a tour of the exhibit part 1

It is my first post using video. Unfortunately, my camera can only do one minute videos, so the quick tour of my show comes in two parts

The exhibition is officially closed

Time ticks slowly away...The only sounds in the room are the humming of the heaters and that of my fingers tapping on the keys of the computer. Outside it is windy, grey and cold. Almost 6pm. Inside, it is warm and quite colourful, with the spotlights shinning bright on the glass of some of the art works.
My exhibition will be over this weekend. More than 70 hours spent sitting here waiting for people to come over... Drawing, musing, trying not to close my eyes, having a bit to eat, chatting away with people, drinking tea from a thermos and sharing oatmeal cookies and sangria (do not ask…silly combination, isn’t it?) with friends. Two newspaper’s articles; over 10 hours spent putting up the exhibit and now taking it down, a nice but somewhat short (to my taste) opening and 20% sold of all the artwork exhibited.
Sooooo, all in all, this has been a very successful exhibit, both from the economical and artistic points of view. The artwork is not yet packed away and I have to start thinking about my
next exhibition which will take place at the same venue but in the month of July. This means creating new pieces and trying to target my audience which will switch from being the local people, friends and acquaintances to mostly international tourists.
But as they say THAT is a different story…! This is it for tonight, as I need to start taking the stuff down. No more musings for the time being.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The time came... and went

Finally! The day came. The opening of my first show in this region is now a thing of memory. Of course, the exhibit will continue for almost a week and I will have the chance to share my work with more people, and hopefully I will sell some more pieces, but I am glad to say that the opening is now over. It went well. Most of the people we invited came. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The food was delicious and I sold a couple of pieces. The only down part was that we had calculated almost double for the people who were going to come, so in the end I found myself with plenty of food that I promptly gave away to parting guests (as my fridge is a normal size one and all that food would have gone to waste otherwise)... But I can tell you that I will be drinking sangria for a few days still.
People were surprised by the variety of the subjects and the amount of color present in all of the pieces. I totally felt at ease (since 98% of those who came were friends or acquaintances of mine. The opening lasted little over 3 hours, so by the time I came home, it was still relatively early but I made a bee-line for my bed.
Saturday was even more tiring that Friday, as I was at the venue from 10 to 20.30 and I talked to many people who popped by. I sold two more pieces and this time the buyers were complete strangers. I thought I would feel a bit sad to see my pieces go, but in reality I felt relief, as I have almost covered all of the expenses for thi show.
Tomorrow is the market here in town. I shall go to the venue at about 8.30 am, as there will be alot of tourists coming down and some of them might stop at the show. We will see, but do keep your fingers crossed for me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

It is almost time!

In a few hours, I will be able to see if the work and effort invested in my exhibition and opening will pay off. I have high expectations, but we will see what comes of it. All is ready, except for the food, but a friend is in charge of that aspect. I am now going for a walk and then when I comeback I shall get ready, get a bite to eat and then go to the venue early (as it is a weekend and there are several social gatherings happening and it will be a good idea to open early to give the chance to people of getting a look at what I do. I am not nervous about the opening, I think it will be fun and there are alot of people that I like who are coming.... but I would like to be sure that indeed the exhibition is a commercial success and that I cannot know. Well... that is life, isn't it. Do keep your fingers crossed for me tonight. Cheers

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Less than 24 hours to go...

Uffff! It is almost midnight (again!) and this time I am cutting out my business cards (as I had them done in large bristol sheets) and feeling quite excited and a tad uncertain about tomorrow.
Well, the exhibit is completely up and ready to go. I even vaccumed the venue before coming home tonight. I did bring a couple of works home to retouch them, as some pastel came off on the glass and to me it was quite visible, making the resulting piece look somewhat dirty. So what is left to do for tomorrow?
  • Go for a walk to let the steam off.
  • Cut some greenery to decorate the venue.
  • Bring the food and set up the table.
  • Last minute things to bring: Business cards, biography and price lists
  • Don't forget the camera to take pictures, etc etc etc...
Keep your fingers crossed that it is a successful opening and that I do sell some artwork. Well, I am off to bed... almost too much stress for one full day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost there

Midnight and I am still going at it. I am working on a large pastel drawing of poppys. I have framed the last few pieces and tomorrow I have to go pick up some printed materials, frame the poppy landscape, change the numbers on the frames (as I sold some pictures since the last exhibition) and go pick up the keys of the gallery, so I can start placing everything in. And all of that has to be ready be ready before 5.30pm, as I have my Scottish dance class. People might say that before an opening one hast to concentrate fully on the exhibiton, but I say why not take a break from it, so one can come back fresh to it? All is silent, the rain hits the window panes and there is no one around. Me? I can relax doing the artwork and concentrate on the process and also the results.
I shall post this piece later.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You are invited!

My exhibition at the Cultural Centre in Bedoin, France will open this Friday, April 9th and will run until the 16th. So, here it is... the offical invitation to the opening. There will be 46 pastels ranging from landscapes and still-lifes to more personal (shall I say dreamy?)images. The actual poster for the show shows the same layout, only the information is displayed differently.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Belated Easter

Well... Happy Belated Easter!!!! I did upload these cards on the day, but then I kept my post as a draft and I didn't comeback in time to actually publish the post.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It is not a question of when, but a question of how

After having procrastinated all day yesterday, I got up really early today and attacked the cardboards that I will use as pannels to advertise my exhibit, outside the venue. So far I have used regular wall paint (water-based) to cover the large surfaces (1.20m x80cm). Tomorrow I will do the lettering and the design using acrylics and voila...
So far it has been a very sunny and warm day in La Provence. It is really the printemps... (spring!), now I only need to work on my last piece, plus the plannels. plus the price list, plus preparing the actual opening.
Next week I shall go to the nearby towns in order to leave a poster at the tourist office, and then it will all be almost last-minute things that I shall have left to do.
Still no pictures tonight, however I shall include next time... so you can see how a real pro, sets her work up so it can dry up (really! it will be funny... just you wait).