Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost there

Midnight and I am still going at it. I am working on a large pastel drawing of poppys. I have framed the last few pieces and tomorrow I have to go pick up some printed materials, frame the poppy landscape, change the numbers on the frames (as I sold some pictures since the last exhibition) and go pick up the keys of the gallery, so I can start placing everything in. And all of that has to be ready be ready before 5.30pm, as I have my Scottish dance class. People might say that before an opening one hast to concentrate fully on the exhibiton, but I say why not take a break from it, so one can come back fresh to it? All is silent, the rain hits the window panes and there is no one around. Me? I can relax doing the artwork and concentrate on the process and also the results.
I shall post this piece later.

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