Monday, April 19, 2010

The exhibition is officially closed

Time ticks slowly away...The only sounds in the room are the humming of the heaters and that of my fingers tapping on the keys of the computer. Outside it is windy, grey and cold. Almost 6pm. Inside, it is warm and quite colourful, with the spotlights shinning bright on the glass of some of the art works.
My exhibition will be over this weekend. More than 70 hours spent sitting here waiting for people to come over... Drawing, musing, trying not to close my eyes, having a bit to eat, chatting away with people, drinking tea from a thermos and sharing oatmeal cookies and sangria (do not ask…silly combination, isn’t it?) with friends. Two newspaper’s articles; over 10 hours spent putting up the exhibit and now taking it down, a nice but somewhat short (to my taste) opening and 20% sold of all the artwork exhibited.
Sooooo, all in all, this has been a very successful exhibit, both from the economical and artistic points of view. The artwork is not yet packed away and I have to start thinking about my
next exhibition which will take place at the same venue but in the month of July. This means creating new pieces and trying to target my audience which will switch from being the local people, friends and acquaintances to mostly international tourists.
But as they say THAT is a different story…! This is it for tonight, as I need to start taking the stuff down. No more musings for the time being.

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  1. Haven't seen your work before but my aunt just bought me one of your pastels when she was in Bedoin and I love it and will take pride of place in my study.