Friday, April 2, 2010

It is not a question of when, but a question of how

After having procrastinated all day yesterday, I got up really early today and attacked the cardboards that I will use as pannels to advertise my exhibit, outside the venue. So far I have used regular wall paint (water-based) to cover the large surfaces (1.20m x80cm). Tomorrow I will do the lettering and the design using acrylics and voila...
So far it has been a very sunny and warm day in La Provence. It is really the printemps... (spring!), now I only need to work on my last piece, plus the plannels. plus the price list, plus preparing the actual opening.
Next week I shall go to the nearby towns in order to leave a poster at the tourist office, and then it will all be almost last-minute things that I shall have left to do.
Still no pictures tonight, however I shall include next time... so you can see how a real pro, sets her work up so it can dry up (really! it will be funny... just you wait).

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