Sunday, April 11, 2010

The time came... and went

Finally! The day came. The opening of my first show in this region is now a thing of memory. Of course, the exhibit will continue for almost a week and I will have the chance to share my work with more people, and hopefully I will sell some more pieces, but I am glad to say that the opening is now over. It went well. Most of the people we invited came. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The food was delicious and I sold a couple of pieces. The only down part was that we had calculated almost double for the people who were going to come, so in the end I found myself with plenty of food that I promptly gave away to parting guests (as my fridge is a normal size one and all that food would have gone to waste otherwise)... But I can tell you that I will be drinking sangria for a few days still.
People were surprised by the variety of the subjects and the amount of color present in all of the pieces. I totally felt at ease (since 98% of those who came were friends or acquaintances of mine. The opening lasted little over 3 hours, so by the time I came home, it was still relatively early but I made a bee-line for my bed.
Saturday was even more tiring that Friday, as I was at the venue from 10 to 20.30 and I talked to many people who popped by. I sold two more pieces and this time the buyers were complete strangers. I thought I would feel a bit sad to see my pieces go, but in reality I felt relief, as I have almost covered all of the expenses for thi show.
Tomorrow is the market here in town. I shall go to the venue at about 8.30 am, as there will be alot of tourists coming down and some of them might stop at the show. We will see, but do keep your fingers crossed for me.

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