Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is it: the new poster is in!!!!

It is here! The poster for my new and upcoming exhibit is here for all of you to see. Well, what do you think? Even if I say so myself, I find it classy, chic, formal and yet modern in its layout and color choice. The exhibition will take place at the Culturel Center in the town of Bédoin in Provence, France. It will run from Friday July 30th to Thursday August 5th and the opening will take place on the 30th from 18:30 hrs onwards. There will be good food, excellent wine and sparkling (hopefully) conversation... so do come in great numbers and drop by.

Time flies... when you are having fun.... NOT!

Well, I cannot believe that my last post dates from April... and that we are already in the middle of July!!! Certainly time flies... but in my case instead of having fun, I have started a new day job, which has meant not only re-adjusting my everyday life but also the time I dedicate to my artwork. And to be totally honest, it has taken me a while not to be totally tired when I come home to actually do something else other than eat, take a shower and go to bed. Now a new exhibition is on the horizon and this weekend I have finally got back to my artwork.
... And voila! this is what I created.