Tuesday, May 24, 2011

J-4 (or only 4 days to go until the opening

In France when people do a countdown they write the dates as J (for Jour) minus and then the numbers of day left.
Well, according to this system, it is J-4 for this artist!!!
Currently coloring hair...and as I wait... I post!LOL!
Here's another sneak peek at the exhibition.
Introducing: Another version of BlueGirl...but this one belong to a triptych.


  1. I really like Blue Girl! Good luck on th e exhibit -- that is exciting
    Judy Westerfield
    we met threw Silly workshop and I loved your work then and put you on my blog roll and subscribed to your blog. I still love your work>

  2. I love the Blue Girl. She looks so dreamy and calm. Beautiful colors and textures!